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Files downloaded via Unity not are not shown in windows file explorer. Download progress always 0.

jstefanjstefan Posts: 8

I am creating an app with Unity3D for the Oculus Go. The app is capable of downloading videos from a remote source using the UnityWebRequest and DownloadHandlerFile classes.
The first problem is that while downloading the progress is always 0 (logged via adb). The video itself is downloaded (I can load the .mp4 file into Unity's video player and it is playable using the Skyox VR app).
The second problem is that when I connect the Oculus Go to my laptop and navigate to the folder where the videos are supposed to be located (path is chosen with Application.persistentDataPath), the video files do not seem to exist (but they do in Oculus Go). I was wondering if this is a bug related to Oculus Go and not Unity. If it is does anyone have ideas on how to make the videos accessible via the windows file explorer? Maybe there is some kind of a protection flag set to the files when they are downloaded so that they cannot be viewed from outside of the Go device. Or perhaps there is something to do with emulated storage.

Yes, I have enabled viewing hidden files and folders.

Any help is much appreciated.



  • jstefanjstefan Posts: 8
    I just realized that I posted this to the community board. I did a post request to the developer board so you can delete this one. 
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