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Oculus home alternative, a clean simple launcher

STZSTZ Posts: 6
Oculus home IMO needs a lightweight clean alternative version.
I really would like the option to have a clean, light, simplified UI to launch games from. I know there is Oculus homeless, which is great but also just a grey void.. so having a basic but interesting launcher would be appreciated. 

Using the Steam(non home beta) interface as an example, or the version of Home on the Oculus Quest would be perfect. simple, light, clean, tabbed interface. 

Oculus staff, if you are reading this.If Home 2.0 is the only option at the very least add locomotion controls to Home that don't make me feel like I am in an electric wheel chair driving simulator.
Best case, offer a version of home that is just a clean, light, and simple UI. Take the dash from the Quest, add movable re-sizable windows, add right thumbstick smooth rotation (I don't need movement). This way I can surround myself with virtual desktop windows, store, library etc. As long as its simple and light... 

* I'd just take the Quest laucher/home and I'd be happy
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