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Rift S Microphone quits

patrickmicelipatrickmiceli Posts: 2
My microphone randomly stops working. Sometimes it quits completely. Other times it produces only a low buzzing noise when active. Unplugging, replugging and PC restart will fix usually but not always. Problem recurs at random, sometimes a few days of use or sometimes a few minutes.

At present, no method will resolve the issue and the microphone produces a low buzz when activated. 


  • Andyj585Andyj585 Posts: 1
    I had this issue last night for the first time since purchase - I had to reboot the PC twice in 30 minutes before finally giving up. Rift S had worked perfectly since purchase up to that point
  • MisterRogersMisterRogers Posts: 8
    Has anyone been able to fix this? I have the same issue.
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