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Cross buy woes

So, I got trolled, hard, by my own expectations. And Oculus, but mostly my extreme (lack of) attention span while reading what would have been a solid 6/10 pure spam. Maybe 8/10.

Anyhow, I received an email, an automated advertisement basically, from Oculus, inviting me to try on my Quest, for free!, a program that I already have on my... (didn't exactly read more than that).

It was kind of enough, I was hoping for a different title, a bit confused because cross-buy had been transparent with Robo Recall, but still excited.
The thing is, it was specifically for Wander.
Now, that's particularly cool, since I have it on the Go, and cross-buy from that hasn't been even suggested, just hoped for.
There's a link, but let me check on the app first (I was on mobile). Nope, full price on the shop. Could it be a referral link type of thing, should I just follow the link? A rapid check and the mail looks official, kinda malicious, but in a big and mostly blind corporation way.
Follow that, and still nope, full normal price from that link too.

Only then I re-read the content of the mail. A complete automated spam mail,  to promote or at least invite to the store. It specifically mentions the Rift.

"An app I already have on my Rift".
Referring to Wander, which is an app (that I actually already have) for Go/GearVR...

Curse you, promotion spam mail, you had me all excited for the idea that the cross-buy thing had been extended to the other android platform they have... only to realise it was just a stupid, automated email for something that doesn't even exists (I guess? There's google earth VR for PCVR).

(sad) Lol.

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