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Virtuality - where can it go right now?

MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
Here's my thoughts on all the new tech which could come together and ultimately explode into our lives!

1. Having Avatars added in LIVE CAMS
Bound to happen with the advent of 5G (1gbps speeds) with CCTV which could become 4K surrounds of Public areas. Not to Spy on but to mingle with Real Life as a known areas e.g. Stadiums/Concerts/Tracks/Cinemas etc. OR even other safe areas such as Shopping Malls or Market Places. Perhaps including a seat view of Racing Cars. This is so possible and need not infringe on the public's privacy as it is after all in public!

2. Taking control of Drones from anywhere in the world by hire and Return Home features to Shop for recovery. They have a limited flight time anyways and so could easily occupy Deserts for controlled air-space. Again it can happen but there will be latency until they use good connections. We all manage to game together so it can't be so bad a lag.

3. AI to enter into VR. We have the possibility to all tap into the new advances of AI e.g. the one in Japan with 6 algorithms that holds conversations with us and learns our subjects. If we were all tapped into sharing this on a Quantum Computer like D Wave (presently we are allowed to buy a few secs of it) then it could build Android AI in VR for us to interact with. This has a great many Commercial uses from Medical & Health to Design & Architecture and Social.
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