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Getting media into the Oculus Go

CekariYHCekariYH Posts: 4
edited June 2019 in Oculus Go
Hi all,

I really need help here.

Trying to get some of my media files to the memory of the Go,. It has about 20 GB left to use.

Have tried:
1. Connecting to my three Apple Mac computers, nothing at all happens, so no file transfers either way. Oculus FFS! When will you hire some macOS programmers?
2. Connected to portable HDD drives, nope nothing...
3. Connected to portable SSD drives, nope nothing...
4. Connected to USB-stick, nope nothing...
5. Connected to WiFi USB-stick, first sign of life, but when connecting it says No Internet??? Why in hell do I need that to access an USB-stick and still the Go is connected to my computer and should have access to the  internet via the computer but NOOOOO :-/
->When connecting the first time it said that I needed to use FAT32 and not ExFat, so I did reformat an choose the FAT32 but, well, it connect but are nowhere to be found on the Go... :-(

So what's the 32 GB of storage for if one can't fill it with something???

-> Addition: When connecting to an USB-stick there is an acknowledge sound and when disconnecting there is also a sound from the Go

Should it really be this hard to get this to work???

I really need some help here please.

Thanks in advance.

Lars Hernborg / CekariYH


  • CekariYHCekariYH Posts: 4
    No one???
  • CekariYHCekariYH Posts: 4
    Ok, it seems to me none knows or Mac users are ignored on these forums, thanks a lot, NOT, people!
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