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Oculus Quest Tracking Freeze Randomly

ZooropixZooropix Posts: 6
After Random amount of time Oculus seems to lose tracking. The game seems to keep working on, but the picture track is at the same position when I move my head and also the controllers are stuck in position.
It happened in random games, it happened even when I was "drawing" my working space.
None of buttons work after. Only Hard reset works. After reset the Oculus works fine until next Freeze which happens randomly aprox in 20-40min
Please HELP!


  • somososomoso Posts: 2
    I am also
  • GrailerGrailer Posts: 2
    I get these but maybe twice per evening (and also don't know why), I wonder if it's playspace based.. ie if there's something in your environment that is confusing the sensors.
  • VenomousSVTVenomousSVT Posts: 5
    I get them a couple times each song in beat saber.  Its EXTREMELY annoying.  I can get a perfect song score on some songs if it would stop literally lagging and not registering my hands.  The tracking was spot on the first few days of playing, but now it has been very problematic.
  • ZooropixZooropix Posts: 6
    edited June 17
    To mee - it looks like it is not playspace based - I took my headset to another house to a friend of mine - and It happened in the oculus "first steps" demo after like 25minutes of play.

    Another friend of mine have two oculus quest headsets and says he have no problem at all.
    What is most frustrating is it happens randomly in time :(
  • smawong23smawong23 Posts: 5
    Yeh, it can't be fixed. Wrote to support and got the run around for 3 days. All they did was sending me scripted answers and links to pages on this their website as if you can't read it yourself to begin with. Now they asked me to wait another 3-5days for someone else to help me. From what I can see on this forum there is no solution except hopefully they will send you a replacement, after of course you first mailed yours back to them.  No thank you. I returned my to Best Buy and got my money back right away. 
  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 462
    First thing that comes in mind is sensor blinding. If your room is too lit, the sensors won't work properly.
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    My hopes for VR next gen:

    - Better ratio between visual quality and power needs. No more godrays and less SDE.
    - Full Body Tracking.

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  • ZooropixZooropix Posts: 6
    edited June 18
    I tried it in different light conditions - daylight, normal, evening - all same effect - freeze
    Also - My Oculus Quest is 128GB version - anyone with 64 with same problem?
  • ZooropixZooropix Posts: 6
    Today I sent my Oculus Quest for Replacement, So I will let you guys know, if new one will be fine or not.
  • ZooropixZooropix Posts: 6
    So I have my new replaced Oculus Quest. Running Third evening and NO PROBLEM AT ALL. I guess replace new unit is only solution for this issue so far at this moment
  • MeyersncMeyersnc Posts: 2
    The most problems I had with the freezing is when I was playing Rec Room VR. Mine froze and then started looping the same 2 seconds of audio I heard from when it actually froze. It didn’t turn off when I tried to turn it off completely, and I plugged it in to charge only to realize that the console didn’t even know it was charging. NOTHING WORKED. Please help
  • SerpulaSerpula Posts: 7
    Zooropix said:
    So I have my new replaced Oculus Quest. Running Third evening and NO PROBLEM AT ALL. I guess replace new unit is only solution for this issue so far at this moment
    Are you on the latest firmware yet? I think the problems are with version 6180...
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