Controller Stuck, it let just rotate. — Oculus
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Controller Stuck, it let just rotate.

Jerra89Jerra89 Posts: 10
Hi, i think i found out, why the controllers stuck sometimes. I read im not the only one with this problem but i can't solve it.
If you set the iside-out look in the experimentals to on, you can push the oculus button twice and see throgh the cameras. Like you cross your guardian or while the setup.
And if the controller stuck, i want to use the cameras and saw just snow. It seems, everytime the controllers are stucked, it looks like the cameras are offline.
All i can do ist to reconnect the usb.
If i try to restart the software (not only because the controller) the headset stays black but maybe with sound.

If anyone have a idea because of this it would be great, but maybe it just needs a software bugfix.
Sorry, my english is bad ^^"


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,103
    Same here after loss of colour in Elite. Now I wait for the 1.38 roll out and if not fixed will refund.
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