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Journey of the Gods settings

hlarry14hlarry14 Posts: 1
When I first started Journey of the Gods there was an option for "Comfortable" or "Immersive" - I chose Immersive. This is the first game that is giving me some issues with feeling queasy, so I want to change the setting to "comfortable" but I can't find that in the settings anywhere. I tried starting a new game in the second of the three game slots, but I didn't see that choice come up (I haven't gone all the way through the tutorial on the second game yet - I thought that option came up before that but I could be wrong.) Does anyone know how to get to that setting? I'm not far enough in that I care if I have to start over, but if starting a new game didn't bring that option up again I don't know if deleting it and reinstalling it will do it either.


  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 2,383 Valuable Player
    Hmmm, Journey of the Gods just arrived for Rift, but 30 bucks for phoneVR feel slightly expensive, and it's only 950 MB, maybe less. I vote for @Zenbane trying it first, so I won't have to skip my hoverbike training lesson this evening  o:)  :D 
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