Shadow Point glitch? — Oculus
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Shadow Point glitch?

lkbryan44lkbryan44 Posts: 1
I was able to play the Anchor chapter before I was supposed to (door in observatory was open). I have the mirror and lamp out in main area but can't figure out what to do as I have completed all the sun and moon puzzles for the level. Lorna is talking but isn't in front of Alex doll at table where she is supposed to be. Did I break the game by doing the chapter early?


  • SelinaCoatsinkSelinaCoatsink Posts: 2
    Hi Ikbryan44, I am the Community Manager at Coatsink. The door to the observatory should only open after you finish the first 4 levels. It would be great if you could send an email to saying what levels you finished and where exactly you're stuck (screenshots or videos are very helpful). 
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