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Enable CV1 sensors for Rift S tracking boost. (30-40% of my games not viable on Oculus hardware.)



  • GummyBerryJoosGummyBerryJoos Posts: 7
    Oculus backpedalled on the refund because the issue has been ongoing since we'll within the 30 days. They have approved a refund pending factory inspection.

    However, after the reports I switched to the Beta 1.39 and the tracking actually IS a lot better, at least upon initial impression.

    I'm trying to act in good faith and troubleshoot (within reason), and I would really rather it just work as intended than to bother with all of this.

    To add complication, I'm now getting a lot more of the random static/blackout issues. Im thinking the cable has a break inside it, because it seems correlated with cable movement.

    Should I just take the refund while it's possible nda sit back for a couple months to see what happens? I'm torn between being excited about the prospect that it might actually work fully as intended and dread that it may never fully achieve that- in particular if I burn my opportunity to get a refund while I hold out hope in good faith.

  • donnyjoedonnyjoe Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    You should definitely do the sledgehammer thing
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