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Owatch VR simulators

vrsimulatorfansvrsimulatorfans Posts: 1
Have your ever tried Owatch vr motion simulators, such as vr chair, 9d vr motion cinema ?


  • kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 5,157 Valuable Player
    Wow - have not seen that version outside of China.
    OWATCH is a division of STEKI Amusement - the company is one of eight (known) Chinese VR amusement manufacturers that make their "interpretation" of the 9D (EggShell) VR platform. The system uses Deepoon headset that has a good spec, though narrow FoV. Of the OWATCH and NINED companies they have about 20 different ride experiences - most are lacklustre, but there are some comparable experiences in the mix. These systems have been superseded some time back (usually found abandoned in malls), for the new 9DMAX platforms with better motion, graphics performance and reliability - like this one:

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