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How do I submit a complaint?

OseraOsera Posts: 7
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I've had the worst customer service experience with Oculus's customer service. I've been working on this issue since May 24 and still no resolution! How do I file a complaint against this representative that has not at all been helpful. It's been a very frustrating last 18 days.

I'd like to add that in the past, Oculus's customer service has always been good, helpful and timely. However, this specific person I'm now dealing with is absolutely not providing the type of service I've come to expect.


  • OseraOsera Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    24 days and no resolution. Where can I submit a complaint? I can not seem to find this answer anywhere.
  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,718 Valuable Player
    I guess contact customer service...... (ducks)
  • OseraOsera Posts: 7
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    Worst customer service ever. I returned the Oculus Rift S (they received it back/delivered over a week ago), and it's been 5 days with NO E-MAIL RESPONSE, and no one can tell me when they will ship my replacement. Over a month now of troubleshooting, and trying to get a replacement Rift S. This has been the worst customer service experience ever. TERRIBLE. And there is nothing you can do besides trying to wait for someone to reply to an e-mail. Sooooo frustrating!
  • riot_houseriot_house Posts: 1
    I have placed an order 10 days ago and was sent a ups tracking number. After waiting I contacted ups and they informed me that this company hasn’t sent it out yet.  All that was done was printed label.  What’s the worst part is you can’t g t a hold of a live person and I’ll I received back is a nonsense email. 
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,471 Volunteer Moderator
    What’s the worst part is you can’t g t a hold of a live person
    If you go here: there is a button in the bottom right that takes you to live chat with a support person.

  • HariAkrayeeHariAkrayee Posts: 22
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    Ok Karen. go to that link and talk in a live chat.
  • adam.poole.313adam.poole.313 Posts: 170
    Have any of you actually tried using the live chat though? Its pointless. If you already have a ticket open all they tell you is to just wait for your support tech to respond. They say they can't help with an open ticket and they have no way of contacting your support tech either. If you don't have a ticket open all they do is tell you to open one.

    I know plenty of people have had positive experiences with Oculus' support but my 4 month old still open ticket has convinced me that they absolutely have the worst support system in the industry.
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  • dan.m.griffithsdan.m.griffiths Posts: 40
    I am in the exact same position, just stuck waiting for support, already waited a month with 1 email saying that the replacement will only take 3-5 days.  
  • ChasrrrChasrrr Posts: 1
    Terrible customer support.  I am stuck in the process.  I send support an email, they reply back with several steps for me to take with no success.  I send another email, within a couple of days I get another email with more steps to take with no success.  I send another email, and so on, and so on.  I feel like I am just being pushed off until I give up.  
  • 0ops1e0ops1e Posts: 5

    WARNING:  If they are slow DO NOT REPLY TO YOUR OWN TICKETS.  This "resets the counter" which drops you to the bottom of the queue.

    My right controller died in under a month and rather than returning/repurchasing I attempted to go through their support department.  Responses have been very slow and I'm expecting it will take up to 6 weeks total.  They have had my info for over a week and haven't sent me a label.  They are also refusing the parrallel ship my replacement or extend my warrenty and the agent via chat said i can expect another 1.5 weeks until i get a reply.  If you are able to return rather than deal with the support department do so.  
  • HenriSchootsHenriSchoots Posts: 2
    I have lost access to all my games. 10days now
  • FelicityCFelicityC Posts: 147
    It took around 3 weeks total I think to do a full RMA on a controller.

    Responses were in a few days, but usually annoying ones, like 'pls serial number' then 'serial number of the controller too' then 'ok ship it to us here's a label' and then finally they just sent me a new controller in box with the same problem as the old one.

    I never used chat. But I wouldn't RMA again if I can help it. Use every other option you can to fix things.
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