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Pass through randomly pops up with no button pushing

I was iRacing last night and while racing the passthrough screen randomly was visible in the headset and I was unable to see the normal race screen in VR. I took the headset off and noticed that the monitor still had me in the race, so I pulled over to try and determine what the issue was. Oculus wanted me to go through the setup steps again. Once I found the controller I clicked continue and it wanted me to place the controller on the floor. I do not need to setup a guardian area so I selected skip. Once I got through the setup, I was able to continue on with the race.
After the race I was watching YouTube through the VR Oculus Rift S headset. I was watching the race I was just in. Three times while watching YouTube, the same thing happened where it randomly showed the passthrough and I had to go through all the setup steps again (three times!). I also noticed the window shifted numerous times on its own while viewing. This was very distracting. I never had issues like this with my original Rift. Any advice?
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