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Quest Shipping/ Support is giving me a crazy run around

JJGeltownJJGeltown Posts: 5
I ordered a quest and a travel case on the 25th of May. The order said it would be delivered by June 7th. I've chatted with someone from Oculus now 3 times and they have given me so many different answers. First I was told there was a hold on my account for "address verification" (??????) but it had been removed on the 7th but they couldn't give me a shipping date. The next day I was told that there was a hold on my account due to the delay in shipping of my travel case. the Travel case was then was then cancelled on Oculus' end.  And that my Quest would ship soon but that there is no shipping on Weekends. Today I was told there was once again a hold on my account that was likely caused by my financial institution. I stayed on the chat while I was on the phone with Bank of America who told me there was no issue on or block on my account for this transaction. The Oculus rep then informed me they would take the hold off my account (???). Something is super strange here and Oculus seems to have no desire to address their customers needs and are not being straight forward about what the heck is going on.  This has been such an overly frustrating process and I feel like I'm being constantly lied to by a company and product that I'm super excited about. Figure it out! Is anyone else having this issue? 


  • JJGeltownJJGeltown Posts: 5
    And This morning they've cancelled my order with zero explanation. This customer service is just awful 
  • nevarez.christiannnevarez.christiann Posts: 1
    I ordered this for my son's birthday and Oculus just canceled the order with absolutely no explanation.  In addition, there is not a customer service number to call at all.  I had to fill-out a service ticket and it stated it could take up to two days for a response.  This is ridiculous.  It is obvious that they were not prepared for the orders they have received.  However, just canceling orders for no reason does not make good business and then horrible customer service on top of that just makes me want to not do business with them at all.  Why on earth would I want to give a good chunk of money to a company who obviously does not care about customers?!
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