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HDMI refuses to function properly

colecolecole777colecolecole777 Posts: 1
I got my rift over a year ago and it worked just fine for the first two or so months. Out of the blue, the software said that my HDMI cord wasn't plugged in even though it was. I have made sure it isn't a problem on either end of the cord, tried countless online remedies, and contacted several different companies to no avail. I need help with this because I can't afford to just buy something else. Also, it isn't a broken cord or port because the HDMI port works with other cords and I have bought a replacement to the headset cord already. Any suggestions?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 803 Oculus Staff
    Hi @colecolecole777,

    We'd love to look into what might be causing this HDMI not connected error, so please grab your Diagnostic logs using these steps: then create a ticket with them attached so we can look further into this for you. Make sure that you include all of the steps that you've taken already so we do not unnecessarily repeat any steps.

    Thanks! -Aidan
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