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Trade in credit for used original Oculus Rift

I wish that you could trade in your old Oculus Rift for trade in for store credit, and the amount you get differs depending on how well the Oculus Rift is. Since I would like to upgrade, since no sensors which is SO nice, but having two headsets is silly; unless you have someone else to use the old one. Even like a $100 off or less would be great to take the edge off the price. :) 


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,719 Valuable Player
    You could just sell it on ebay or something. Or keep it as a spare.

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  • xSTONEMANxxSTONEMANx Posts: 195
    Yep they are selling on Ebay for 250 just sold one a couple of weeks ago
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