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Oculus Quest games for one hand?

justsaewhenjustsaewhen Posts: 4
Specifically the left hand. My sister loves the Quest, but has limited mobility. She loves Poker, Bogo, and Robo Recall. She's not a fan of Job Simulator. She digs the music and aesthetic of Beat Saber, but no one hand mode on the Quest(?).

Can she play Face Your Fears 2 or The Exorcist: Legion? How about Moss? Virtual Virtual Reality? How is the bowling in Sports Scramble?

Thanks in advance. 


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,411 Volunteer Moderator
    edited June 2019
    One-handed mode should be available in Beat Saber on the Quest (I have it on Quest, and one-handed mode does show up in the menus). It's not in the campaign, but if she does songs in Solo mode it should be there as an option.

    Sports Scramble should be fine one-handed, at least from playing the demo. The game does start defaulted to right-handed, so a right controller is needed to choose the left-handed option, but after that I don't think I needed my right controller at all.

    VVR may be doable, but I can think of a some interactions that use both hands (manipulating the watering can is easier with two hands, but might be somewhat possible with one hand).
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