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Cant Add Payment Method

QVR-DudeQVR-Dude Posts: 19
Brain Burst
Ok, I have a support ticket out there I'm waiting on a response to. 
Meanwhile, this is everything I've done to try and fix the problem I'm having
with not being able to purchase anything through the Oculus Store:

When I had my CV1, I was able to set up payments through the store with
1 of 2 different debit cards and make purchases.  Then, one day neither
worked.  I let it go because I could always use Steam for purchases.

A little more than a year has gone by and I have an Oculus Quest
and I cannot setup a payment plan for that either.  Unlike the issue
where I used a PC and had other options like Steam,  there is no
other option for the Quest.  So no I have a 400.00 toy I can't buy
anything for.

This is what I've done so far since receiving the Quest:
1.  Started a fresh Oculus profile with all new names and passwords just
     for the Quest- abandoned my former CV1 account along with
     the games.

2.  Changed my internet Browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

3.  Opened an entirely new checking account in a new bank along
     with a fresh, fully activated debit card.

4.  Used a new cell phone to download the Oculus App for getting
     the Quest going and added payment methods through it.

--- the only thing that is the same from the old Oculus CV1 profile
is My actual birth name, and address(within the U.S.).


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