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Oculus, Please reset my Store Account.

QVR-DudeQVR-Dude Posts: 18
I'm trying every possible way to get the Oculus store too allow me to make a purchase and now it says this:

GraphQL server responded with error 2078076: We've noticed unusual payment activity on your account and for your security, payments have been disabled. Please contact support for assistance.

Oculus support, PLEASE do what is needed to fix this!  I still haven't gotten a response for my ticket, and nothing I try has worked!
Please call me direct: 305-393-0899
Getting desperate


  • Unison124Unison124 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem
  • PablitoPablito Posts: 361
    Did they resolve your problem?
    I'm struggling to keep hope.
  • sulteysultey Posts: 1
    The same problem. First Oculus rejects your cards, then lets to add one but blocks transactions
  • hfchfc Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue
  • BloodyShadowBloodyShadow Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    Same issue here... Anyone heard ANYTHING back? I just keep getting the same "we're working on it" from my support ticket/live chat requests. Been over a week with no support so far. 
  • BloodyShadowBloodyShadow Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    edited July 2019
  • asalattasalatt Posts: 1
    Same here. First it wouldn't accept ANY credit cards, and then I used my PayPal, but it gave me the same error message. And I just sent them an email and they said they would investigate and get back to me in 3-4 working days. Until this issue is resolved, my brand new oculus quest is pretty much useless. How is there "unusual payment activity" if I haven't been able to purchase anything yet!
  • DiTaker88DiTaker88 Posts: 1
    same with me. Who will get this problem resolved? 
  • ShowbizDonkeyShowbizDonkey Posts: 204 Oculus Staff
    Hi @DiTaker88. This is something for which you will need to contact Oculus support directly in order to resolve. You can open up a support ticket here:
  • CorpoWarriorCorpoWarrior Posts: 2
    Same issue, can't purchase games , apparently purchasing an oculus game is considered unusual
    here what was done so far 
    1. PIN number change - 3 times
    2. Cookies cleaned and browser history - 1 time
    3. Veryfication on mobile and PC - 2 times 
    4. Veryfication paypal account with paypal support - 1 time ( and working)
    5. Veryfication with my bank - 2 time ( working )

    I had the same issue with buying oculus quest , i just bought it somewhere else, so what about games , i can't buy oculus games anywere eslse ( or can i ? )

    Is there any way to resolve this issue ? 

  • Jacksonx76Jacksonx76 Posts: 1
    Same issue here.... if this is not fixed in one Week for me, the Quest goes back to the store and im gone with it.... Witout games it is useless. 

    And i got 2 Friends with the same issue. When you google, a lot of people have this problem...
  • ShafeelmeShafeelme Posts: 2
    same exact thing with me... put in a ticket.. hopefully it works or else I need to get a new account and re buy some stuff :(
  • ShafeelmeShafeelme Posts: 2
    All because I canceled an order for oculus rift because it wasn't going to get here before chirstmas time
  • Just_AfroJust_Afro Posts: 1
    same issue her, I canceled a game for uculus quest and now I can't buy anything
  • Z-R0XZ-R0X Posts: 1
    me too i canceled a game on accident and now... i can't get it back ):
  • PolarTndraPolarTndra Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with my brand new Quest, first it didn't let me add a payment method, but then I added a PayPal (which worked), and then it had the unusual payment error. I've sent a ticket to Oculus, but it think the reason its not letting me purchase anything is because I've gone through hell trying to get an Quest for about a month and a half and maybe it considers that "unusual".
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