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minecraft for windows 10

tmacfarltmacfarl Posts: 2
Hours spent on this and no progress.
Originally bought minecraft thru oculus store.  Couldn't get it to work and gave up.
Bought minecraft for windows 10 (26.99) from the windows store.  It wasn't the starter minecraft and minecraft master, just basic minecraft for windows 10.  I installed it, played it. 
I went into oculus rift, saw minecraft on there but when I click it, it gotes to the "install" page.  When I click the install button, it goes for about 2 seconds and the 'install" button comes back.  I've tried uninstalling it from the oculus because I don't know if the one showing up is the one i got thru oculus store or the windows 10 store.  I deleted the minecraft-ab-minecraft-oculus-rift.json file and the file and then went into settings, beta, restart oculus.  It didn't change anything.  

I just think if I could start from scratch by having no minecraft on the computer at all including oculus and then reinstall it, maybe it would work through oculus.  I'm stumped and I've been at this for ....this is the third day.


  • tmacfarltmacfarl Posts: 2
    By the way, when I deleted minecraft for windows 10 to try a new install, the minecraft was still showing in oculus
  • AntiCMOSAntiCMOS Posts: 5
    Minecraft for Windows 10 is massively broke for Oculus Rift right now, I doubt it'll be fix as we've heard nothing and VR is so niche that they don't care. If you google it only thing you can find is from 2016 and that's not the same issue as the one today. Microsoft changed something as it will start to launch and adds Minecraft UWP to the Oculus app, but then never loads with a endless "Loading Minecraft UWP" then blinking black screen for a second, then "Loading Minecraft UWP", etc.

    If you figure it out would love to know, but good luck I spent a day on it trying everything I could think of...

  • AntiCMOSAntiCMOS Posts: 5
    Bit of a update I found that Minecraft will work under the Oculus if you don't install Windows 10 1903, if you're on 1809 you should be fine.
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