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Can Rift S be used with an iMac?

KoshIrelandKoshIreland Posts: 16
edited June 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift

After a recent software update, my Rift has become so unreliable that it is more or less unusable (device connection issues, crashes). I was looking into buying a Rift S to replace it in the hope the simpler setup (not needing 3 tracking stations, with powered USB extension cables) would yield a more reliable setup.

However, Rift S requires DisplayPort, which my iMac does not have. I read the relevant support article ( ) and know I cannot USBC>HDMI>DP, nor is there a recommended solution for USBC>DP. Lastly, the page states the DP port must be directly connected to the GPU, which may not be the case in an iMac.

Is there any known way to use Rift S with an iMac, such as through a Thunderbolt-to-DP adapter?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance :-)


  • onemanlivedonemanlived Posts: 2
    edited June 2019
    I would like to know this as well. I have an imac pro with the vega 56 and is powerful enough to run but need to know if there is a compatible thunderbolt to displayport adapter available. This is holding me back from buying the rift s.
  • Lethal_AimsLethal_Aims Posts: 75
    Hiro Protagonist
    In addition to the connectivity issues Oculus do not produce software for macOS. You can of course run Windows on a Mac but then you would still be trying to run drivers on unsupported hardware. I don't think the market is big enough for Oculus to spend time on the development. Especially if Apple do release their own VR product.
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