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Improvement suggestion for Guardian

LaYkZzLaYkZz Posts: 5
I had some problems as I presented my Oculus Rift S to friends or family on their housing with the low ceiling hight and limited options on your Guardian software. I would have the same problem on me, if I try to play in my office. It seems it is a common problem to avoid to hit and especially to broke the controllers on the ceiling. I encountered a ceiling hight of almost 1,90 - 2,00 meters (6,2 - 6,5 ft.). This hight fits here in Germany for many basement and attic flats/rooms. I would like to set up the Guardian software for it. So we will have a full Guardian cage in all dimensions which gets visible if you try to pluck apples.



  • AlexAtkinUKAlexAtkinUK Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    edited June 2019
    I don't think you can really solve that, as nothing stops you overreaching.

    I had a problem in the NVIDIA carnival games where I HAD to reach over the guardian limit to operate it and I hit my TV, even though it was WAY outside the guardian boundry.  I knew I was reaching past it, just didn't realise how much in the heat of the moment.

    Basically if anywhere at the extreme of your guardian play space at full reach you can hit something, then sadly your space isn't large enough for VR.  Being a ceiling that's a bigger problem as you can hit it from anywhere, you just have to avoid games that have you reach upwards.  There's not really any way guardian can solve that.
  • LaYkZzLaYkZz Posts: 5
    Your problem is a user fault. You ignored your guardian borders, thats it. But i want to have an option to set guardian up for upper borders. Then I have even a chance to avoid damages on my Oculus Hardware. Everything what will happen if I am leaving the guardian borders were my own fault. Otherwise some people have to move to flats/houses with higher ceilings to play safe with this hardware. Nobody wants to move for a 450€ toy and the biggest programming part to realize it is done.
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