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Headphones Snapped.

Quick Note

Hey, im pretty new to this forum stuff so i have no idea how to write this properly.
Im from Norway, so sorry for my grammar.

How it happened

So first of i will tell you how it snapped, i have a little box where i keep my VR (including sensors and controllers, and yea by now i learned that thats a very very VERY bad idea).
Today i wanted to play some FnafVR:HW, so i reached for my sensors. I picked up the first sensor and didnt notice that it was tangeled around my headset speaker. I pulled the cable out and i heard a snap. I quickly checked my headset (since thats the most valuable thing in there.), i took it out and saw the headphone cable ripped out.

Why i ended up here

I checked if audio was working, and it wasnt, the headphone was loose and the cable was broken. I quickly searched online for any answers, but was very unlucky and didnt find anyone having the same problem. I found this website and hoped it would help me. Thanks - William


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