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OBJ import spec -- checked manual first

R2D2XR2D2X Posts: 17
Hi All.
I checked page 146 of manual here:

But am having trouble importing a mesh as reference.
I made a simple cube in 3ds max, converted to editable poly and exported as OBJ to desktop.
When navigating there in Medium (import as clay) the object doesn't show up.

Any tips would be great.

ALSO: When I tried to import stamps, I navigated to my documents/medium folder, and the medium folder wasn't there.. Like it was hidden! I checked in my documents folder and it was there, and folders before and after it show up. Maybe I'm missing something? tips appreciated.


  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    For your mesh: Perhaps try to click "Refresh" on the asset browser when you go over to the Desktop.

    For your stamp. Don't put the stamp mesh into your stamps folder or an _Import folder. Place them anywhere else on your PC and import them like you would for the mesh. It's recursive to be able to see inside of the Stamp folder when trying to import a mesh into the stamp folder. 
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