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Looking for a small number of testers for Galaxy Forces VR

rh_galaxyrh_galaxy Posts: 132 Oculus Start Member
edited June 2019 in Showcase

This is a space shooter where you move in 2D but it is shown in 3D. And it works really well in VR.
There is no in-game music currently, but interactive music will be added soon...

I'm looking for feedback of any kind.
If all goes well the game will be on the Rift Store in a few months.

Do a PM or mail to [email protected] with your oculus account mail address and I will add you to the RC channel of this game (for Oculus Rift), you will then receive a mail from Oculus with a link to accept, then you will find the app in Oculus Home with a search...

Note that all hi-scores will be wiped before launch.
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