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Beat Saber does not play songs

FancyFryFancyFry Posts: 3

Hey there,

since the last update of Beat Saber I am getting on four songs of the monstercat pack an endless loading animation/spinner and it is not possible to press play (does not appear). I was wondering if the song cannot load the stats, but disconnecting from WiFi, restarting the game, even the quest, did not solve the issue.

Is a solution out there besides re-installing the game and loosing progress?


  • AwsedrftgAwsedrftg Posts: 15
    Brain Burst
    Glad to hear it's not just me. Hopefully an update will arrive soon
  • Lele7878Lele7878 Posts: 3
    I am also having this problem on my quest with the MonsterCat DLC, The songs: Boundless, Feeling Stronger, Overkill, Rattlesnake and Stronger just never load, all of the other songs work fine. 

  • angelvampangelvamp Posts: 2
    Has any one ever solved this. It is happening to me on Boundless in Monstercat Music Pack Vol 2...
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