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Just a note about my new "more user friendly" HMD, the Rift S

I had a DK2 for work to eval the tech and was like "OK cool and all but this won't work for clients and production pipeline" but i did use it a bit back then for a few games. SDE was too much for me to deal with at the time.

Fast forward to me demoing a CV1, much better tracking etc but the res still wasn't where I wanted it to be for comfortable home use so I skipped it.

Fast forward to me demoing a rift S, now this is podracing. Inside out tracking and an SDE I have to remember to look for to see it. I can read text at a reasonable scale. Great. I'll buy this one.

Take it home... oh boy...

Well in to reccommended spec, 1060 ti, i7, prepurchase checks in geforce and using oculus app say "yep, you good" and... and...

Well its awesome for about five minutes before it starts locking up and/or crashing. Support doesn't seem to know anything other than "did you install and update all the things" yes. Yes I did. Even some windows stuff I forgot about. Literally nothing changed. Support's like "well we'll get back to you in three or four business days"

Guys. You might not have that long. I don't have eternity to return a defective product to the store. I need to make this decision ASAP. I like your product's specs, comfort, the tracking is good for the things I use it for. I am LITERALLY your target market. I'm the user you were trying to capture with these specs at this price point that wasn't in your ecosystem yet.

I literally stayed out of this market because I didn't feel that the price point was worth it for consumer tech. The rift S was the first product that felt like it was worth the money I was spending on it.

And it would be if it fucking worked.

When your goal is to expand the consumer market to people like me in stead of zealot early adopters or people with thousands in disposable income you need to do a shitload more QA before you release your fucking product.

I'd give you a pass if it was like me and five other people, or if it was just an occasional crash or flash of static as unforseen rare outliers but this is not the case. Your product, advertised as "PC powered VR with integrated tracking and motion controls" is incapable of doing its one and only job, for a LARGE number of consumers. I have never experienced this level of utter failure with a new PC peripheral.

"This is a new product" is no longer an excuse. This is a second revision of a product that has had a full consumer life cycle.
Your competition doesn't seem to have these problems.
Your own standalone console headset doesn't seem to have these problems.
You have the financial backing of fucking facebook. You can afford to do the qa.

If your inside out tracking doesn't work out of the box, the entire product is pointless. That's its selling point compared to the competition. Its supposed to "just work" and its the only consumer level PC HMD that literally doesn't work at all.
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