Can't connect to my PC — Oculus
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Can't connect to my PC

aabosarahaabosarah Posts: 1

I am having trouble connecting my Oculus quest to my PC. I used the supplied USB-C cable and connected it to a dedicated USB c port on my PC (tried both a Case port, and a port directly on the motherboard). I see that the quest is recognized in my PC under my computer, however when I open it, there are no folders to view. Also I cannot copy anything to it. I read that I am supposed to put the headset on and accept a prompt to allow access to the data on the quest from my PC, but I never actually get the prompt at all. I disconnected and reconnected multiple times, and look in the headset and there is no prompt. I tried updating the driver on the PC under device manager, I also tried removing the quest from the device manager and connecting again. I still never get the prompt on the Quest to allow the PC to access it.

Any solutions?

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