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Anybody ex CV1 owner with IPD 66 and Rift S?

dan108dan108 Posts: 196

Hi, I'm 66 IPD and I own the old oculus rift CV1 I'm thinking to upgrade. Do you think I'll have the same FOV of before or it's shorter? And will I have the same image clarity at borders?

Which cons should I expect compared to my past experience with Oculus CV1?

thanks a lot! <3


  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,632 Valuable Player
    Well mine is 64 and compared to the Rift the sweet spot of the Rift S is HUUUUUUGE. You'll probably have a smaller sweet spot than mine but it SHOULD still be bigger than the current Rift. The FOV you'll see depends on the shape of your head and face more than your IPD, I also see a bigger FOV but YMMV. You have the eye relief thing that should help to make the FOV bigger though as long as you don't have glasses getting in the way.
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  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,812 Volunteer Moderator
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    My IPD is 67, a larger than average head and the sweet spot is bigger, even with my IPD, I wear glasses in the S comfortably but can still have the eye relief at one click away from the closest setting to my eyes without touching my glasses and with this combination, the FOV feels the same as CV1.

    The S isn’t without it’s faults but the improved clarity of the image is really good. I haven’t yet been tempted to go back to CV1 but would love decent clip-on headphone accessories. And if they can fix the occasional white flashes with a firmware update, the S would be damn good.
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