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Is my graphics card compatible?

EnxietyEnxiety Posts: 4
Hello VR users, im planning on buying a Oculus Rift S here soon, but after running the compatibility test it showed my graphics card as non compatible, but after doing som research on the internet i found that that might not be true, as my graphics card has HDMI, DP, and Type-c port. I am not sure which cables the device uses so im asking you guys since u might know an answer.

Graphics card: Asus RTX 2070 Strix OC
2x Display Ports
2x HDMI Ports
1x Type-C Port

Will my graphics card be able to pair with the Oculus Rift S? 


  • xSTONEMANxxSTONEMANx Posts: 195
    Surely your joking your card is more than capable 
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