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Rift s Trobles, do i get new cable or headset

Captain_Caveman1Captain_Caveman1 Posts: 8
to start i will say i have a cable management system, i play room scale so it is very much needed. 

i find my cable is over sensitive, i get static, scan lines and often my screen will turn off and refuse to turn on till i reset. i also find that after an intense session of beatsaber or gun-heart. i find if i take my headset off anytime, it usually requires a restart. different effect each time, today i got a washed out discoloured screen with rainbow effect, after that i got static with a repeating gray scan line going from right to left.

is this fixable or do i go back to the shop and ask for a new cable/headset?


  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,173 Valuable Player
    If you bought it where it can easily be exchanged I would certainly go that route, sounds like some serious issues there,

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  • Captain_Caveman1Captain_Caveman1 Posts: 8
    i thought as much, pain is, its temperamental, and i bet if i send it in it will suddenly decide to work perfectly 
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