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Help me! "Dash encountered fatal error."

I am Japanese, so my English may be strange.
I encountered "Dash encountered fatal error."
The error may occur at the time I install or start steam VR.
I could use Dash when I installed only oculus. 
I already did reinstall and update oculus and steam VR, update graphic driver, and restart my system.

Help me! Thank you.

My PC's spec.
windows 10 pro

HMD:Rift S


  • doroneko1doroneko1 Posts: 2
    I use 6 monitors. My RTX2060 connects 3 monitors and Rift S. 
    Monitors is 4K, 4K, and 144Hz FHD. I disconnected one of 4K monitor, then I can use Dash.
    Oculus support says "How many monitors are you running? Can you please go down to a single monitor."
    I will disconnect a monitor when I use oculus.
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