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SteamVR Without Oculus Home and Dash / App Running in the back.

TheXRealTheXReal Posts: 23
Brain Burst
i feel like oculus could make there app better with just letting the oculus user use SteamVR without the app opening and just open the drivers for the headset.
better performers and and almost no fps drop or lag. 
now when you try to run a game on SteamVR with Oculus in the back it feels like there is delay. you can feel this in BS (Beat Saber) and yes i know that BS with mods can lag you system but before they updated and the Bypass program worked there was no lag at all, SteamVR was running good now it's like nah you wanna play this game nag you wanna do this nahh.

i do like the app and the headset and they have good games too but i feel like oculus are holding us back from running SteamVR. 
you may or may not think im wrong but that's just how i feel and i think they should make it a option in the setting when you put on third party software that only the drivers are running and not the full program and home and dash when you open a software like SteamVR.

and yeah people will think what about the Oculus app then, well we can use that to play all the good game Oculus has and driver updates then we have all the good from both sides.
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