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Oculus Mirror stops detecting Oculus Home and will chop off any SteamVR games

gigi_Catgigi_Cat Posts: 2
I had no issues of this until I put a better processor, mobo, and ram into my machine. Graphics card and setup stayed the same. The problem is I can mirror things like pavlov and Pokerstars VR and other games that run out of OculusVR but whenever I get into any SteamVR game now, it cuts that game into a block like this.

I have done TONS of google searching and trial/error and downloaded a couple .ini editors but nothing works. Any help?

- I have set skyrim vr to full screen. Still cuts it in the box and if I EVER alt tab to do something, the game switched to a 720p resolution and cannot switch back.
- I have edited the iscreen and bfull screen settings into many different options. Nothing changes


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