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audio crackle during Beat Saber

nickhollnickholl Posts: 14
Is anybody else experiencing periodic crackling during Beat Saber? almost like a distortion. Only last for a half second each time but quite annoying


  • goldenegggoldenegg Posts: 547
    edited June 18
    Yup.  Posted about it on Reddit and OculusSupport responded saying it's a known issue.  It actually happens with most games.  Hoping the next firmware update fixes it.  In fact, the only reason I logged on to the forum was to see if an update was released :smile:

  • nickhollnickholl Posts: 14
    ok thanks. Was worrying it was a hardware fault. It actually seems to be worse today, happening in most tracks and a lot more. hopefully they'll fix soon!
  • nickhollnickholl Posts: 14
    Hi @goldenegg would you be able to link me to the response you got from Oculus?  My sound issue seems to have got a lot worse over the last day to the point where I can hardly play as its such a distorted mess. Would like to know if its the same issue you're referring to.

    thanks for your help
  • nickhollnickholl Posts: 14
    thanks - really hope they get it fixed so I don't have to return
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