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More Facebook-injected bias in Oculus

cybernettrcybernettr Posts: 936

I’m in my own oculus home and looking in my inventory and noticing a surprise: a LGBTQ+ pride flag, a LGBTQ+ “love is love poster,” a LGBTQ+ rainbow and cloud pride lamp, a trans pride flag, a VR unicorn pride poster, etc.

I have no objection to gay pride. I think all people and groups should have pride in themselves: gay pride, black pride, Hispanic pride, straight pride, Native American pride, whatever.

However, I think it’s important to note, that since Oculus is injecting political statements (and yes, gay pride is a political statement) into our home inventories that they need to be at least fair about it. Therefore, I await other additions to the Oculus inventory, to reflect various points of view. How about:

An American flag

A MAGA hat

A Bible

A Christian cross

A re-elect Trump poster (and in fairness, a campaign poster for the eventual democrat nominee as well)

Oculus claims that political statements are not allowed. Then why are they injecting political statements into the Oculus home app? 

This is why an increasing number of people are starting to hate Facebook and why, if Oculus is not careful, that negative feeling will be extended to their VR product as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I love virtual reality, but the pretense of impartiality is chipped away a little at a time. Oculus is doing it in subtle ways to begin with, but likely in less subtle ways in the future and this has the risk of pissing off a lot of potential customers. 

PS. The organization in the oculus home inventory is horrible. There should be a lot more categories added, such as plants, paintings, furniture, etc. As more and more objects are added to the inventory, it becomes harder and harder to find what you’re looking for. Users should also have the ability to show or hide specific items.

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