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ROGAN: The Thief in the Castle - reviews and impressions



  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
    Nexus 6
    after all these years there are still only a handgul of games with good story and game play, many was sacrificed for just online marvel powers united..hopefully 2019 will be better
  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 4,131 Valuable Player
    * HOT FIX *

    - Removed white screen that appears at non-playable area.
    - Hood can be turned OFF by " Option " in main lobby.
    - Improvement on graphics quality at " HIGH " graphics option.
    - Improvement on blurriness in VIVE HMD.

    We are monitoring every reviews and feedbacks for future updates. Dev team is currently working on the upcoming patch, which is focusing on difficulty/balance for a better stealth play in the game, to be released soon . Thank you all for sending us suggestions.

    System Specs: RTX 2080 ti , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.
  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 4,131 Valuable Player
    I am enjoying this so far. Weird choices with the radios and Victoria is kinda hot.  The no HOOD option is great and makes a big difference. I've yet to try and sort the blurriness but overall the visuals are nice. This sort of game was meant for Quest streaming due to how you turn with your head direction and move with the left thumbstick. Will post more impressions the further I am into the game. In the mean-time here is an obligatory Quest streaming video.

    System Specs: RTX 2080 ti , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.
  • JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 345
    I have to say, this game is awesome. Despite ridiculous voice acting and a loot system that is largely useless I can't stop playing. LOVE the gameplay and really hope they release a big expansion or second game. 
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