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Beta Launch - Cats & Dogs | The Cutest Weather App!

RobertDanielsRobertDaniels Posts: 1

Hello everyone!

We’ve just released the Beta Test for our new app Cats & Dogs.

Cats & Dogs creates a unique pawsome experience, mixing routine weather checking with virtual pets in the most enjoyable way that barks joy! At the outset, users choose their favourite furry companion — a playful pup or a cute kitty —  select your local weather, as powered by Dark Sky, and then the fun begins

We are looking for users to interact with the app in an everyday manner. We are looking for reports on any issues that show signs of the App not working as intended. Please report visual bugs, functionality bugs, content errors, performance issues and crashes. We are also interested in hearing suggestions on how the application can be improved. I’ll drop the link to the beta here for any testers that would like to have a peek at our app: 


Cats & Dogs

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