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VR Hardware for Oculus Medium

Night_GryphonNight_Gryphon Posts: 3

I'm newbie in VR sculpting and need a bit of help where to start.
Oculus Medium looks cool and i definitely wish to try it. But i'm completely stuck at choosing the right hardware.

Which Oculus Rift is better for sculpting the Rift CV1 or Rift S?
Is there a controller for Rift like pen or stylus to sculpt using fingers not the whole arm? Something like Logitech "VR Ink"
If there is no such stylus controller then Rift not seems to be a good choice but will Oculus Medium work with VIVE + VR Ink ?
What is the minimum PC hardware i need to comfortable sculpt with Oculus Medium?


  • Night_GryphonNight_Gryphon Posts: 3
    edited June 2019
    After some investigation it seems i have the possible answers. Please correct me if i wrong.
    1. Rift S have fixed interpupil distance (IPD) 64mm. So 2/3 of all people can not comfortable work in Rift S or even will get the headache. The software adjustment is very limited and have quite poor blurry results. My IPD is about 71mm so Rift S goodbye.
    2. Rift S at the moment have lots of tech problems. Including lagging controllers, black/white flashes, poor sound, less tracking area etc.
    So Rift S is not the choice anyway.

    All of that leave me choosing between this setups:
    Oculus: perfect sculpting software, good controllers, outdated CV1 helmet. No future upgrades and no service, not compatible with anything. Reasonable price.
    VIVE: good sculpting software, bad controllers (but perfect "VR Ink" in future), perfect helmet. Some development of new controllers and helmets, compatible with other lighthouse based hardware. A bit overpriced for hobby usage.
  • hughJhughJ Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    A stylus wouldn't make a difference for sculpting in VR because the precision control you get from a pen is due to having your hand planted against the surface you're drawing on.  In VR you're sculpting virtual objects floating in front of you, so you have to use your hands+wrists+arms, and it's much much more efficient this way because it enables you to manipulate the object with one hand and move your tool with the other, resulting in 2 independently controlled inputs that each have 6 degrees of freedom.  When you need more motor control precision you simply grab with both hands and scale it up (like you would pinching to zoom on a touch screen) and continue working.

    For PC hardware for Medium you want to have 16GB of RAM minimum (although I would definitely get 32GB), and any new-ish CPU (more cores will probably help for certain things).  A fast GPU isn't crucially important, but I'd still recommend a 1070/1080-class GPU just to be safe.  For other sculpting/art applications these system requirements will likely be different.  If *I* were building a brand new system right now for Medium and other 3D CAD software I'd probably get a 12-16 core CPU, 64GB of RAM, and a 1070/1080(or better).
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