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Apps displaying on monitor and not in headset

guidewireguidewire Posts: 7
edited June 2019 in Support
Perhaps related to the installer problem.  When in the oculus dash I can see all the options and select a game from my library.  When I open the app it shows up on my main monitor, but it doesn't show up in the headset.  It's tracking properly and I can hear the audio for the app in the headset. I'm also working in Unity and I'm getting similar playback on monitor but not in headset. I've done the repair process. I've unplugged and replugged.  I've restarted the machine.

UPDATE: I reset my guardian and now I can see my apps.



  • Sh4d0vvkn1ghtSh4d0vvkn1ght Posts: 1
  • Saccii_Saccii_ Posts: 1
    im also having this issue, everything seems to work for a bit in the headset(oculus quest) and then it fails. After that I can see that what I am supposed to be seeing in the quest is now being displayed on my main monitor. is there any fix to this? Tracking seems fine but audio.
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