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My Oculus Quest is draining 100% of its battery while just sitting in a bag without even being used

StephenAPSUStephenAPSU Posts: 2
edited June 2019 in Support
I am beyond frustrated with this product right now. My family and I were on vacation this weekend and staying at a hotel. I had my Oculus Quest on its charger all day long yesterday and it showed it was at 100% power. So I pushed the power button and used the right remote to choose the option to completely power it down. And once I turned it off I placed it back in the tote bag I was storing it in, and it just sat in that tote bag along with the Oculus charger and the two remotes all night long. Well today we left the hotel to drive back home and I was so excited to ride in the passenger seat and put on the Quest headset for at least two hours of the trip and watch Netflix using my iPhone as a hotspot. But as soon as I put on the Quest headset and tried to turn it on, it popped up on the display that the battery was completely drained! What the heck?!?! Really??? I can’t even begin to tell you how extremely upset I was without using a lot of words that will get me in trouble on here. So my questions now are what in the world caused it to completely drain a 100% charged battery all the way down to 0% without it even being put on someone’s head??? Is that normal? Does the battery automatically start going down the minute it’s taken off the charger? Or is there something that is triggering it to turn on automatically without me pushing the power button or putting it on my head? Is it because it’s sensing motion when I pick up and carry the tote bag somewhere new and then doesn’t ever turn back off on its own? This is totally ridiculous and there has got to be a way to keep this nonsense from happening over and over again in the future. The headset should not be turning on unless I physically push the power button or it is being stretched out to fit over someone’s head, neither of which could’ve possibly happened while just sitting in a bag overnight, not being touched by anybody at all. I tried googling this issue before I started this forum post, but I could find no answers or remedies online. Is this issue already being looked into? Or am I the only person who has had this happen to them?

I will say this though. This might not have been that big of an issue if Oculus didn’t make it even further difficult by changing the type of charger to a USB-C charger. So therefore I couldn’t even just plug my Oculus Quest into my car charger adapter to charge it during our trip home. My new “toy” that I spent over $600 on was completely useless for our 5 hour trip home. And the whole reason I spent all that hard-earned money on this new toy was because of the fact that it is heavily marketed as being able to be used “anywhere and everywhere” you want to use it. Well that definitely wasn’t the case today Oculus... Hopefully someone will let me know soon if there is a fix for this problem. Thanks in advance!


  • StephenAPSUStephenAPSU Posts: 2
    A response with a solution would be very nice...
  • RauelSparklerRauelSparkler Posts: 1
    No answers?
  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 171
    My only guess would be that it somehow turned on while in the bag. I have the Oculus case and the first time I put my headset in the bag, I didn't turn it off and I quickly could see that it was staying awake because of the other items in the case. In fact, I have seen people put a piece of tape over the sensor to make it stay on while they were testing things so that it didn't have to be on their head. If something pressed against the on button while it was in your bag, it could have started up and drained the battery because it behaved as though it was on someone's head.

    Just a guess, but you might try charging it, turning it off and leaving it overnight somewhere where it won't have the opportunity to turn on. If it loses charge again, then you may have a bad unit as this is not normal behavior.

    Another thing to think about is having an external battery to charge it. I am using a couple of phone batteries with a UBS A to USB C adapter and they seem to work pretty good. In fact, when I know I'm doing a long session, I start the battery right away, and it keeps it at 100% until the battery is drained and then moves on the Quest battery.
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  • SabrejetSabrejet Posts: 89
    Hiro Protagonist
    is your Bluetooth connected on your computer to the Quest?  Bluetooth can drain the battery relatively quickly, even if it appears to be off.  I don't know if the Quest even does BT, but I'm guessing it does, but that could be a reason, or if it's paired with anything.
  • TadinTadin Posts: 336

    This happened a few times to me and there is a setting to stop it turning on when something triggers the sensor near the lens that sees something is close so assumes its someone's head.  Don't have my Quest here so cant confirm what the setting was called, but its fairly obvious.

    I don't think you missed anything as (at least with mine) it doesn't work in a moving car as the cameras cant work out where you are with all the movement.

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