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Update not working, uninstall everything but Gear VR Service, now nothing launches.

yazzeyazze Posts: 57
Brain Burst
edited June 2019 in Samsung Gear VR
Hi, so before ordering a batch of Quests for my agency I wanted to get my old Gear VR out, and launching prompt me with a "required system updates not found". I tried doing the updates, but it keeps cycling back to the "update now" screen. Because I don't have time to lose with those voluntary software mess, I uninstall everything to try and reinstall.

Now plugging my Galaxy in the Gear VR prompt me to unplug to install but nothing happens. The Play Store app doesn't work because of course they wanted it to be so secure and exclusive, but the Galaxy Store doesn't have the Oculus nor Gear VR app what do I do before cancelling the Quests order and definitely blacklisting Oculus from our clients proposals?

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