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Possible coordinates-related bug - scene shakes violently when zooming/panning (video attached)

stayinwonderlandstayinwonderland Posts: 18
edited June 2019 in Oculus Medium
Here's the video:

Sometimes if my tracking misfires while I'm moving around my scene, it'll catapult the scene somewhere far off to the point where I can't even see it.

After looking at the world/scene coordinates, I noticed some large numbers, and managed to bring it back, but then, when I move around the scene it shakes all over the place.

In the video you can see how, even if I zero all the world coordinates, one of the scene coordinates is still very large. I find that in real -time 3d, going very far away from 0,0,0 will often cause bugs, so maybe it's shaking because of something relating to that.

Any help would be much appreciated as the scene is pretty much useless now.

Edit: I can confrim that, after exporting the scene, the obj won't import. 3ds max is saying that the coordinates are too large.
Edit2: I changed the import units in 3ds max from meters to mm and it came in (mesh was screwed up) but... interestingly, the mesh was in a far off coordinate AND the 3ds max viewport jittered just like the medium viewport. I have to figure out a way to re-center my sculpt within Medium to save it.


  • stayinwonderlandstayinwonderland Posts: 18
    Ok I've sort of fixed it.

    Instead of trying to zero the coordinates of the world/scene, you have to go into each layer and zero ITS coordinates. You have to select each layer and manipulate it, choose move, and zero the object, scene and world. 

    The problem then is that all your layers won't match up as they'll be zero'd independently rather than as a group. But it's better than losing the scene entirely. Even then, when you import the obj it won't be in zero coordinates. 

    I found it useful to import into something with precise coordinates system, like 3ds max, and give it one final zero there before exporting again.
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