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Go games on the quest?

nickhollnickholl Posts: 18
What do people think the chances of a lot of the GO games getting ported to Quest are?. Obviously we’d like new Quest focused content, but I’m hoping devs choose to move their games across. 


  • TugennovTugennov Posts: 8
    I bet that enabling Go games on the Quest would be easy if they wanted to do it.  However, I suspect that they want to charge more for games on the Quest than is typical for the Go or Gear VR, so I don't think it'll happen soon, if ever.  However, I really wish it would happen as it would make me like my Quest more if I had more games at multiple price points to choose from.  Some of the video experiences on the Go are also excellent.
  • KrymBaltimoreKrymBaltimore Posts: 4
    Any plans to bring more go games to quest? I'm greedy. 
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