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The inside-out camera issue

Jerra89Jerra89 Posts: 17
Brain Burst
I found a youtube video that shows the "tracking problem" that much of us have. Include me.
Hope it could be fixed with a software update.
The cameras go randomly offline and i have to reconnect the usb to use it again until it happens again.


  • dburnedburne Posts: 4,076 Valuable Player
    Oculus update 1.39 which is currently on the Public Test Cannel has a large improvement in tracking for the Rift S.

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  • jabjab Posts: 272
    Nexus 6
    There will always be some inherent problems with inside-out tracking. When the controllers are placed so close to the camera lens that it cannot see or follow the tracking markers, no amount of software is going to be able to completely compensate for this 

    The v1.39 update is probably using the built in inertia sensors to do dead reckoning tracking while the controller are close to the cameras. So it will only work for a little while (seconds) before the inertia sensor errors accumulate and the tracking solution degrade to a point that is unusable. Meaning it will work just fine for when you controllers are only sporadically getting to close to the cameras (Beat Saber and friends), but not if you want to hold them close for an extended amount of time like when doing a boxing guard or sniping with a rifle scope.
  • Jerra89Jerra89 Posts: 17
    Brain Burst
    yeah, but thats normal if you use cameras for tracking. the controllers have to be in the sight area. if you cover a camera because you use a scope or someting its impossible to track it^^
    its not made to play with your hands totally close to the head set all the time^^
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