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I am having connectivity issues with my quest, it periodically looses connection from my wifi.

ThiccnessThiccness Posts: 2
periodically, while doing basically anything (I've even seen it during the home screen) my quest says it loses wifi connections and to go to wifi to test it. I have looked through all the settings on the quest and I still haven't found a fix, any ideas on how to fix it? it realllllly ruins online stuff


  • SteveG7RTASteveG7RTA Posts: 155
    Do Any other devices also lose connection? If so, it could be your WiFi & not the headset. Does your router sometimes change WiFi channels?
  • JohSm67JohSm67 Posts: 165
    Same issue, here randomly loosing WIFI connection while in game play...
    Even if it seems to reconnect automatically again!

    I'm using Ubiquiti Unifi AP's (4 of them) with teh cloud key controller and it works fine with other devices!

    However did read something about it on reddit!
    That if you use same SSID for both the 2,4 & 5 GHz bands and the Quest swaps / switch between the bands or AP's it might drop the connection and tell you that WIFI connection is lossed!
    A suggested temp fix is to create 2 different SSID's one for the 2,4 & 5 GHz and then connect the Quest to for example the 5GHz SSID! (Will test if that works better with the Oculus Quest)

    Another test would be to run the Quest on a singel dedicated WIFI AP on it's own SSID, to validate and see if it still looses the connection randomly then.

    Anyway it soundls like an WIFI update might be needed on the Quest, if Oculus are aware of the issue!

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