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Dash Fatal Error

When i want to setup my guardian in my Rift S i get all the time dash Fatal error press any button to continue.
I don´t know how to fix that the 1.39 made it even worse then my oculus software restarts all the time.
what can i do to fix that?


  • JellyFishGameJellyFishGame Posts: 3
    I don't even know how you got 1.39. The only version I can get working is 1.38
  • ZtreakZtreak Posts: 14
    Do you have any odd letters in your windows/microsoft username? Accents like "è" or other uncommon letters like åæø? If so try to make a new local window user with admin rights and run the software from that user.

    Or just try make a one anyway.
  • ChunchucmilChunchucmil Posts: 1
    I’m having the same problem. Can’t get past guardian setup!

    Im running an Alienware M17 with Windows 10, so none of the old issues from November of 2018 should apply.

    updated everything. Still no joy.

    I had it working perfectly just a day ago, using Oculus Medium. Now can’t get past setup.

    the only thing I did in between the last time and now was to use the rift in Epic’s TwinMotion.
  • Rafterman3Rafterman3 Posts: 2
    edited September 2019
     if any one is still having  problems with this issue still and have more then one monitor i have figured out how to fix this problem let me know if anyone needs help?
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