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Why does my audio stop after starting a game?

My audio on my Oculus Rift S works perfectly fine in the Oculus homescreen and through the desktop viewer. I've been running into problems as soon as I start an application or game. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I feel like I have tried everything. 


  • DAHobbitGamingDAHobbitGaming Posts: 2
    I have the same problem but for me im usually in the game and at random times I loss tracking for a second which triggers the loss of audio and not being able to use my rift mic in game and the way I fix it is by having to restart everything which doesn't really fix they problem I also only loss audio for multiplayer games 
  • vrgialaivrgialai Posts: 1
    Oculus Rift S have something wrong. Hope you have a solution with your VR.
  • TF2vectorTF2vector Posts: 7
    same problem
  • N1lzN1lz Posts: 1
    sorry for bad english Have you checked your windows sound device? Unless the rift is specified as your sound source, you will only get the sound for games from your selected sound device like your headphones or headset. The homescreen music is output via the Rift. When you start a game, the software changes but apparently.If your Rift is not selected as your sound device, first select it then start the game. It does not work while the game is on to change the sound output device.
    Yours sincerely

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