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Oculus Install fails, can't download one segment?

neo1875neo1875 Posts: 95
Hiro Protagonist
edited July 2019 in Support
Hi All!

I'm at my wits end. I've been struggling with Oculus Home all day. It started with not being able to install games, launch home (kept getting stuck on either updating or "checking the status of the app"). I tried to uinstall and reinstall but got a variety of errors ranging from error connecting, errors with install and others. As a last resort I did a reset of Windows 10. IT STILL WON'T INSTALL!

Attached is my OculusSetup.log file from install, it seems to time out downloading but it's not a connection problem at my end for sure. I don't think this is related to the current outage as I've been having issues all day. Unless perhaps the Facebook outage started just after I'd done my win 10 rebuild!

Any ideas?


  • PsychosisProphetPsychosisProphet Posts: 17
    Yes Oculus said its on their end by what others have already posted and put in tickets. I know that both outages are just plain odd.
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